What is a School Counselor?

The role of the AISD counselors is to help all students at their local campus fully develop their academic, career, personal, and social abilities. The counselor is an educator who delivers a comprehensive guidance program in the school as recommended by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

How can you contact your Counselor?

  • Self-referral by student 
  • Teacher, Administrator, or staff referral
  • Parent referral
  • Peer referral
  • Counselor observation
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Christine P. Civello, B.S., M.A.


(512) 414-4173

Main Office


Gaylene Waite, B.S., M.A.


(512) 414-4175

Main Office

Why Contact your Counselor?

To assist you with:
  • Transition to a new school
  • The registration process and orientation ​
  • Scheduling Classes/Schedule Changes
  • Academic achievement concerns
  • Standardized test interpretation
  • Special personal needs of students
  • Crisis situations
  • Family transitions (i.e. death, divorce, re-marriage, new sibling, etc.)

What is a Guidance Program?

Classroom Guidance—Counselors teach classroom lessons addressing basic life-long skills identified as essential for academic and personal success. These skills include responsible behavior, conflict resolution, goal setting, and career planning, among others.
Individual Planning—Counselors help students to select appropriate courses, plan for transitions (i.e., middle to high school), and provide to students and parents information on careers and post-secondary education and training.
Responsive Services—Counselors assist students with immediate personal concern, a crisis, or a problem that may be affecting their achievement in school. The counselor may provide short-term individual sessions or in a small group with other students that face similar challenges.
System Support—The school system includes many programs designed to support students. Counselors assist in the referral process of students to appropriate support programs and services provided both within the school setting and to outside agencies. System Support has two components: 1. Educating the staff about Comprehensive Development Guidance and Counseling Program 2. Supporting the staff with professional development, consultation, and assisting with community outreach.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and Emotional Learning is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically. AISD is a recognized leader in urban education and one of the first districts in the nation to commit to the development of the whole child by incorporating social and emotional learning. During 2015-16, SEL reached all 129 schools. SEL reaches beyond the classroom to all aspects of life. Skills and concepts are integrated into academic lessons and practiced to enhance the climate of the school. Out of school time, providers and parents reinforce SEL skills as well.

Choice Sheets

Have you picked your classes for the upcoming school year? If you haven't, please print or get a choice sheet from the counselors' office! If you have any questions about our pathways or course selections, please contact your grade level counselor!
Incoming 6th Grade (2020-2021) Choice Sheet
Incoming 7th Grade (2020-2021) Choice Sheet
Incoming 8th Grade (2020-2021) Choice Sheet