Special Education


Special education and related services are specifically designed instructional services developed to support students with disabilities within the general education curriculum. The intent of the support services is to enable all students with disabilities to make progress in the general education curriculum, to participate in extracurricular and nonacademic activities, and to be educated and participate with non-disabled peers in the public school system.

AISD is committed to meeting the needs of students who have cognitive, physical, emotional, or learning differences. Each campus utilizes a child study team that meets to discuss and recommend intervention strategies through general education programming. Students who are referred for special education support and services must participate in an evaluation process with formal notice and consent of parents. If evaluation information shows eligibility for special education support and services, an Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee develops an appropriate educational program for each student.

An ARD Committee includes:

  • The student and his/her parent;

  • District representative;

  • Evaluation representative;

  • At least one of the student’s general education teachers;

  • A special education teacher (The child’s disability may require a teacher certified in a specific area, such as visual or Auditory impairment);

  • Related services provider, if required;

  • Language Proficiency Assessment Committee representative, if required;

  • Career and Technical Education Representative, if CTE is being considered for the student.


The program developed by the ARD Committee is referred to as an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP is implemented in the least restrictive environment appropriate for the student. The student and parents have legal rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that are outlined in the Procedural Safeguards. Parents also receive information from Texas Education Agency in the booklet, “A Guide to the Admission, Review and Dismissal Process.” Information about these rights is provided and explained to parents and/or adult students at least one time per year.