To find your student's bus stop, please use our bus stop finder utility. Enter your student's home address and find the closest AISD bus stop. Students riding or waiting on an AISD school bus are under the supervision of the district the same as if they are in the school building or on the school grounds, and therefore, are subject to the student disciplinary policies of the district.

Updates About Delays and Changes to Bus Routes

Sometimes bus routes and pick-up and drop-off times may be changed or delayed due to weather, traffic, road closures, or other circumstances.


AISD monitors more than 370 bus routes every day, adjusting routes and adding buses as needed.


Parents interested in specific AISD bus route information may call AISD’s Transportation Department between 7:45 a.m and 4:45 p.m Monday through Friday at (512) 414-0238.


Families also may call dispatchers at AISD's bus terminals for information about the routes for their respective schools after 4:30 am. Monday through Friday:

  • Nelson Bus Terminal in Northeast Austin: (512) 414-6520

  • Saegert Bus Terminal in Southwest Austin: (512) 414-6500

  • Southeast Bus Terminal: (512) 414-8510

Bus Locator App

AISD’s transportation team is offering families the new WheresTheBus app, which provides timely information about the location of their child’s bus, including when it will arrive at their stop.

The free app is available on any device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, personal computer, iPod)—and takes less than five minutes to install.

Stop-Arm Camera Program

As of February 8th, 2016, any driver recorded by our onboard cameras passing an AISD school bus with its stop sign out and lights flashing will receive a $300 citation in the mail. Please put the safety of our kids first and stop when you see the sign.