Who We Are

Webb opened its doors in 1968 as Webb Junior High School then later re-opened in 1992 as Webb Middle School.  We are named after Walter Prescott Webb, an American historian. Born in 1888, Webb grew up in Stephens County. In 1904, an Atlanta literary magazine published a letter written by a young Webb asking how he could become a writer. Remarkably, a New Yorker named William E. Hinds read the letter and became Webb's benefactor, sending him books, money, and encouragement. With Hinds's support, Webb entered The University of Texas in 1909, where he eventually received a doctorate. Webb taught at his alma mater throughout his career. He served as director of the Texas State Historical Association and spearheaded the creation of the Handbook of Texas, the definitive encyclopedia of the state's history. In 1958, he served as president of the American Historical Association. Webb died in 1963. In a memorial, J. Frank Dobie described him as "the most powerful thinker I have ever known." "Most historians deal with the past as the past," said Dobie. "Webb dealt with it as a guide to the future."
Walter Prescott Webb (1888-1963)


Webb Middle School, which is the heart of the St. John neighborhood in Northeast Austin, is a tightly knit community bound by one shared belief: It takes a village to raise a child.

Webb works closely with students, families, and partners to develop a rigorous curriculum, as well as integrated support systems that ensure every student is prepared for college, career, and life.

On the academics front, Webb offers a world of opportunities—from arts and athletics to science and engineering—to help students achieve their greatest potential. Teachers and team members create a challenging and nurturing environment for students to discover and develop their talents and skills.

Webb invests in career and technology classes in animation, web design, and app development. Students in all grade levels explore opportunities in such fields as construction, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and robotics.

For the large number of students who are learning English as their second language, Webb provides the English Language Development Academy to ensure all students are able to understand and master the content in their classes to meet the school’s high academic achievement standards.

Webb is part of the Northeast family of schools. As an early college high school, Northeast offers students the opportunity to earn college credit and graduate with a diploma in one hand and an associate’s degree from Austin Community College in the other. Webb is part of the Northeast Austin Communities for Educational Readiness (learn more at www.nacer.org). 


Where every student matters...
and every moment counts!

School Colors

Navy Blue Gold



Signature Programs

Social Emotional Learning, STEM, AVID, Early College Prep & Dual Language


Enrollment: 661 (10/25/19)
Hispanic/Latino: 87.7%
African American: 8.0%
White: 3.3%
Asian: 0.5%
Two or More Races: 0.5%
American Indian or Alaska Native: 0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0%
Economically Disadvantaged: 96.4%
English Language Learners: 68.1%
Special Education: 16.2%